About Monty

Although recognizing he has always had a connection with spirit, from his memories of an early age going in his room naming and playing games with spirits, he grew up with the perception it was all childhood make believe, when in fact, he realizes now it was very real. His grandmother made a statement of “Oh my goodness, you have it too!” Referring to the understanding that Monty shared the same gifts as many of his family members, including his mother, aunt and grandmother. However, this wasn’t discussed openly in his family, so when the statement was made when he was a teenager, Monty felt there was something wrong with him and chose to disregard the information.

Monty’s childhood consisted of many struggles and losses, including his father leaving the family at the age of 6, and his mother passing at the age of 11, which resulted in living his life in a state of survival. There was no room in his life to acknowledge his gifts, so he pushed them away, until the day his son Kasey passed at the age of 5. Kasey appeared to him, which was the catalyst toward his own profound understanding and healing. As the vast memories began to return and make sense as to why he was able to communicate with those who had crossed, including his mother appearing to him at Christmas shortly after her passing, Monty began his path of discovery. Many teachers have appeared in his life, both physical and in spirit helping Monty honor and share his abilities with others. Recognizing his life of overcoming many obstacles, Monty realizes they were simply experiences to allow humility, compassion and the understanding to be present while helping others with their own life experiences.

Monty has been professionally guiding and inspiring others through his readings, healing and connecting people with loved ones who have crossed over consistently for 25 years, and professionally for the past 15 years. His energetic compassion and humor allows his clients and students to open their hearts and awareness that anything and everything is possible in their own lives.

One of Monty’s most popular and requested events are his “Crossing The Veil” evenings. Designed to help the audience connect with loved ones who have crossed, leaving you in amazement at his profound accuracy, and the healing that occurs for those in attendance. Monty also leaves those who have benefited from his readings and healings, whether in person or remotely by phone, astonished and fulfilled with the information that he is able to share with them. Monty’s ability as an empath coupled with his clairvoyance allows a partnership with your own guides and spirit to heal many aspects of yourself on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Monty is sought after to teach and speak in various arenas through word of mouth, from the many lives he has touched. Monty is currently working on his own biography of experiences that will be another one of his healing and expansion tools for many people.

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