Dear Monty, I just had to contact you and thank you for your help and information. When I saw you last week, I had no idea what to expect. I can’t begin to tell you how much peace I am feeling after my visit with you. The weight that has been lifted from my shoulders, the sadness that is no longer there…… You told me so many things that brought me much comfort. Please know that I appreciate what you did to change my life and I thank you for that.

– Gratefully, K

I am so thankful for my reading with Monty. He helped connect me with my Mom who passed & w/a healing of the heart on both my Mom & myself. All I can say is I felt like a renewed person after the reading, like my true self again. I gained so much insight about myself from the reading as well, as though all my previous choices etc. now make sense to me. I’m so grateful for Monty’s help. He is very kind & gifted medium. I’m glad he is helping so many people in this world myself included. Thank you!

– Karen B

I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for the reading you did for me, my twin sister, her two daughters and my two kids. You have such a compassionate loving energy around you and you made each kid feel so special! You also have such a great sense of humor too which made the readings especially enjoyable. I could literally see the sparkle in your eyes as you read for each of us. We have been to many Mediums and I think you are among the very best! Thank you! I will be getting in contact with you soon for another reading (this time with my husband!) Washington is lucky to have you!

– Jeanette Y

Working with Monty brought great clarity around my business and personal life. The information that came through him, the spiritual healing he did, everything about my time with Monty created a space for me to heal, to trust and to expand into my greater vision. I start my days now with greater clarity and peace of mind that I am on the right path.

– Bonnie S

I left Monty’s “Crossing the Veil” feeling uplifted and comforted from the information I received from my loved one. Monty’s warmth and sense of humor are an added bonus!

– Michelle D

Just wanted to thank you for all of the help you have given me as well as some of my friends. I have learned so much since I met you. I really appreciate your grounded and loving approach to life and how invested you are in helping all of us to learn, grow & realize our potential, especially with our gifts. You Rock!!!

– Robin ~ Tacoma

Monty Drew Burgess is one of the best psychic mediums I have known. I have seen him bring in information that is amazingly accurate, getting names, initials, and specifics known only to the person he’s reading for and the spirit he’s communicating with. Monty is a master at clearing unwanted energies around people and places. He is knowledgeable in so many different modalities, and uses them as needed for each person that comes before him. He has an uncanny gift of healing, working with the ascended masters, angels, guides, and spirit doctors. I have seen first hand people with headaches and other physical ailments receiving immediate relief after he has worked on them. Monty has been a friend, student, and teacher of mine for many years, his exuberance with the knowledge of spirit, love of learning, and commitment to helping others is his greatest joy.

– Melanie J

To say that Monty has helped change the direction of my life would be a gross understatement. I came to my first reading with my skepticism at a very high level. I have always been able to tell if I was being conned and I was ready for that to be the case. When he opened to the door to his house, I knew I was looking at someone I had known before.

The next hour was one of the most emotional and amazing hours I have ever spent. He helped me to confirm things about myself I had only speculated about. I discovered several talents I was not aware of and have since begun to develop to my great joy and satisfaction. He showed me how to heal others with just a touch and how to begin to heal myself with just forgiveness.

As with many of those he counsels and teaches, I and my wife have become very close friends with Monty. Actually, we haven’t become friends, we have been allowed to renew a kindredship that has existed for centuries through several lifetimes. Monty tells all of his students that we journey together and learn through each other. Truer words would be hard to come by. We are all directed to our learning experiences by a higher and truer power. My course brought me to Monty and I will be forever grateful it did.

– Phil ~ Tacoma

I met Monty a few years ago in a fairly new store in Edgewood Washington that I stopped in to check out on my way home. I didn’t know until I got inside what was going to happen next. Monty had just stepped out of another room from doing readings, but I didn’t know anything about him. I quickly found out that he was a Psychic/Medium, so of course I wanted to talk with him. I was thrilled that I caught him in between appointments. so we went into another room to talk. I must say that I felt very comfortable around Monty the minute I met him. There is just something special about him that puts people at ease, not to mention he has a great sense of humor! So I was ready for my reading. We sat down and for the next 1 and 1/2 hrs ( I just couldn’t get enough) he helped me tremendously. He does some wonderful healing work and quite frankly I don’t know where I’d be today had it not been for his help. He was a God send for me.

Monty and I have become friends over the years and I couldn’t ask for a better friend. Monty is someone you can trust, he is honest and very real. He has many gifts that he uses to help people. He held classes at my home for nearly 2 years and when I think of how many people’s live’s he has helped and changed including mine, it is just amazing. I am in awe of him. He is the real deal in every sense of the word. I am truely honored to be able to watch people heal and grow through Monty’s work and he does it all with Love through his many gifts.

-Shelly C