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Monty Burgess

Monty’s talents are so vast they cannot be defined within the contents of any single title or modality and defies the boundaries of our human perceptive consciousness. As a practicing Medium, Channel, Clairvoyant, Healing Facilitator and Teacher, Monty has studied and implemented many tools including hand and face analysis, past life regression  to name a few, in his work with clients and students.

Monty’s expansive life experiences have simply reignited the wisdom, joy, and compassion he holds within his soul and extends that toward his clients and students while helping them understand and facilitate the same in their own lives. From fending for himself without parents at the age of 11 to the loss of his 5-year-old son, and the positions he held in corporate structures, all contributed toward motivating him to search for greater meaning and expansion of his purpose in this lifetime.

“It fills my heart to see people’s lives transform right before my eyes,” is the statement from Monty that defines his unconditional love for humanity. Whether working with individuals or groups, Monty will pull aspects from his arsenal of gifts and abilities and leave you inspired to reignite your own remembrance of the wealth of wisdom and profound talents you hold within yourself. “You are the gift,” is the understanding that Monty will help you recognize.